Foundation Gene&Vision

The aims of the Foundation

In human, diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma are leading causes of blindness in communities across the globe and both show a strong genetic susceptibility. However, genes and biological mechanisms underlying these diseases have not yet been identified. This knowledge deficit slows down the development of effective therapeutic strategy.

The purpose of the foundation is to encourage and support research projects which use and develop innovative experimental models as well as imaging techniques in vision and ophthalmology.

Who are we ?

The Gene& Foundation is a non-profit organization which is recognized as being of public utility by the Swiss authorities. Its funding is provided by donations from individuals.

Foundation board

The board submits research projects to scientists with recognized expertise in the field. The board of the Foundation acts as a guarantor of the quality of the activity from the scientific perspective.


  • President of the Foundation : Jean-Marc Matter, PhD
  • Accountant : Florence Chiodini, PhD
  • Secretary : Nicole Taverney

Supervisory body of the Foundation : Fiduciaire Bonnefous & Cie located in Geneva


Foundation Gene&
23 Chemin Auguste-Vilbert
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex